Factory Game

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The players control an industrial robotic arm together. Team working is essential: everyone is needed to make the assembly line work.

The robotic arm can be controlled by 2 to 7 players. There are 7 control buttons that are distributed among the players evenly. One player can turn one of the joints clockwise, the other one can turn it backwards, and yet another player can turn the magnet on/off! The assembly line brings the boxes one by one; the players have to move the boxes to their proper place by working together precisely.

Your team really needs to work together to solve this tasks! Everyone has to do their job in order to move the boxes as fast as it is possible. Not an easy task, but as the team learns how to work together their speed will improve significantly.


  • Unique gameplay and animations
  • Use it as many times as you want
  • Playable by 2 to 7 players in a team
  • Recommended to play on tablets
  • The viewers will enjoy it as well

Consider using it along with the Runner, the Single Player Quiz, the Secret Codes and the Manual Score activities.

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