Involve your audience by asking their opinion about urging topics.

Have a meeting with 10 or being on a conference with thousands of people? Duelbox works perfectly on both. Like every simple but efficient tool, Duelbox also offers the best utilization forms of voting with no limits:

  • Collect the votes of the participants and change dynamically the direction of your show based on the results of the Poll
  • Get to know the opinion of the attendees
  • Involve the audience into the talks with a smartly-placed voting
  • Change the direction of the workflow together with the participants at a creative event or on a wedding: let them decide how to go forward with things


  • Unlimited questions
  • Max. 14 options
  • Poll branding including color selection
  • Nicely designed, visually stunning and animated charts show you the results
  • Results are shown real-time and Poll is refreshed whenever new vote arrives
  • Legends and data percentages make it easier to interpret / understand the stand of charts
  • Exporting results with just a few clicks

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