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Let the public express their opinion. Rate everything!

The audience surely has a word or two. Serve them this activity and they will surely express what they think between 1 and 5 stars. Display the result fabulously on the Big Screen (don’t worry, fabulousity included by default), let the audience feel their voice matters.

Use this activity to reward the best speaker, make a competition, or rate the performance of the players in a game show.

Pro tip: Rate things with a Jury and the Rating activity at the same time!


  • Unlimited questions
  • Answer with 1 to 5 stars
  • Fabulous visuals
  • Intuitive usage
  • A question can have multiple aspects, e.g. rate the topic and the presentation of each of the speakers
  • Quantifies the opinion of the audience, i.e. displays the average of all of the ratings
  • Ideal solution if you want a competition

Similar Actities

The Rating is somewhat similar to the Poll, but a poll results in percentages for each options, while the Rating results  in an average number.

The Versus, on the other hand, serves to clash two statements.

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