The Roll-a-Ball is something new, something spectacular. Awesomeness guaranteed at your conference / team building / game show / trade show booth.

So what’s the deal? The Roll-a-Ball is a race game where the players control two balls on a race track. The whole audience can join with their mobile phones. After joining, they are separated into two teams, each one controlling one of the balls collaboratively. The players will have an intuitive joystick controller on their mobile phones with which they can make the balls roll on the track. The first group completing the 3 laps wins the game!


  • Spectacular 3D graphics!
  • Simple yet captivating gameplay
  • Realtime race game. It’s faaast!
  • The balls have real physics, they can collide, bounce nicely
  • Santa theme for the winter! Ho-ho-ho! 🎅 🎄
  • Can be played by 2 players, e.g. at a trade show with 2 tablets on stands.
  • However, it works with up to 1000 players. Two teams, 500 vs 500.
  • Easy to operate. A few clicks to start the game.

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