Secret Codes

This is a Beta Activity and soon it will be released publicly. 
Contact us if you want to use it right now!

Do you like scavenger hunts? We’ve got a game for ya’.

Roaming all over the places, hunting codes, living the life of a scavenger… well, figuratively speaking. Anyways, collecting codes is fun!

Let the participants discover all the booths, all the stands, all the stops at your outdoor event or expo. Place a secret code at every location they ought to visit, then they will collect the codes on their smart devices. They can raise their scores with every secret code they collect, the winner may win something awesome.

The more, the merrier: use it with Single Player Quiz and Manual Score, plus you can display the scores using the Leaderboard. This will boost your event so hard that everyone will ablaze with excitement!

Ssssh... we have something for you!

We have built an awesome toolset that will elevate your next event to a whole new level. Hard to believe? Get started free & challenge us!

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