Word Quiz

This is a Beta Activity and soon it will be released publicly. 
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Bored of the typical quiz questions? The Word Quiz offers a fresh approach with 2 new question types!

Create a more interesting quiz game by using more compelling quiz questions! The Word Quiz offers 2 new quiz types. You can make anagrams (how do they work?), like “Old West Action” ➜ “Clint Eastwood”. And you can have puzzle board questions, where the players should write an exact phrase. They have some hints: the length of the answers and some of the characters may also be revealed.

Your audience will love this new approach, especially if they knöw the answers.


  • Unlimited questions
  • Scoring, sound, counter integration
  • Anagrams and Puzzle Board Questions
  • Intuitive, friendly user interface
  • Spectacular animations

If you need a more familiar game then you might use the standard Quiz activity.

Word Quiz Activity

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