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10 Ideas for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great opportunity to get new customers. In this article, we take a look at ideas for your trade show booth. 

The right trade show booth ideas can be the difference between getting new leads and falling flat at your next event. You need to stand out, but it’s not enough to just attract the initial attention. Ideally, every decision you make will accomplish several things:

  • Attract attention.
  • Remain consistent with your branding.
  • Quickly communicate what your product or service is about.

In this article, we take a look at trade show ideas that satisfy all of these criteria. 

1. Use Race Game to Generate Visitors

Race Game is a fun, interactive way to get a group of people to spend a little bit of time at your booth. Everyone scans a QR code on their phone to join and races together with one another as kooky characters in real time.

You can distribute prizes as you see fit, and use the game as an opportunity to attract people and keep them there for a little longer than they might otherwise be inclined to stay. 

race game - trade show booth idea

2. Leverage Empty Space

Empty space can be eye-catching when it’s used the right way. You don’t want to create an unfinished effect, so you need to be intentional with every inch, including intentionally leaving a space empty.

If the venue allows it, consider hanging a sign above your booth, giving as much clearance as you can between it and the table. This catches the eye from a distance and draws people in. Horizontally, you have the same amount of space as everyone else, but because of the vertical element, your booth looks bigger and better. 

3. Pick a Theme

It’s tempting to spew information at your audience. You might want to tell them everything you possibly can about your product and its many great features. Resist the urge. Why? You are surrounded by other booths. The people who stop by might only be there for 30 seconds or less.

If you bombard them with facts, chances are good that almost nothing will stick. Instead, pick one feature or angle and explain what problem it solves. Maybe your theme is saving time, decreasing x, increasing y, etc. 

Tell a clear, simple story.

4. Catch Eyes with Spin Wheel

Spin Wheel is an eye-catching and fun way to both draw people in and hand out swag that is imprinted with your brand name. The game can be done digitally, making it easy to maintain prize inventory, and calibrate the prize distribution settings to your exact liking.

The customers leave with a fun little trinket, and you benefit from an extremely efficient way to get your information out there. 

spin wheel trade show booth ideas

5. Feature Your Bright Colors

Simple but effective. Bright colors catch the eye and draw attention. This of course needs to be done within your brand guidelines. But, if you have an accent color that is vibrant, give that a larger feature than you normally would – big bold colors are appropriate and encouraged for trade shows.

6. Lock Down the Right Location

This isn’t always going to be an option. When it is, however, you’ve got to capitalize on the opportunity. There isn’t actually a formula for the best location. Spots near the entrance get the most passerbys, but often those people are not looking to stop until they get inside the venue a bit more. 

The best advice? Get a spot near places where people congregate. If there is a bar or food court area, being close to those is often your best bet.

7. Bring the Energy

No one is going to engage with your booth if it doesn’t even look like you are. Walk around the floor of any trade show and you’re sure to see a surprisingly significant number of booth workers on their phones, eating lunch, and being reactive instead of proactive.

Look engaged and approachable, and actively try to catch people’s eyes and call them over for a chat.

8. Display Your Products

If you’re selling a good that you can bring to the show, it’s a no-brainer (but worth mentioning) to incorporate it in a clever way within your display. Perhaps there is a way you can distribute samples or allow for a way for visitors to experience it. Encourage visitors to interact with your product.

Just make sure it looks good. The point is not only to draw people in but to put them in a state of mind conducive to making a new connection. Every decision should be made through this lens. 

9. Watch Your Tone 

Trade shows are a big opportunity to expand your brand visibility. Your brand tells your story and sets expectations for what would be like to partner with you or be a customer. Everything at your booth needs to have a cohesive look and feel, and this includes the people you have working your booth. This is actually one of the most important trade show booth ideas.

So, it’s crucial that your people align with your tone and voice. If you are a fun video game company, the people representing you need to be lively, fun, and a bit more informal. If you are representing an accounting firm, your people need to match the serious tone of your work. This comes down to behavior, how you speak, how you dress, and more intangibles.

10. Stand Out with Unique Giveaways

It’s easy for trade show attendees to get overwhelmed with pens and flash drives. Go for something more unique and memorable like a low value gift card, fresh brewed coffee and donuts, a water-proof phone pouch, a bag of chips with your logo, etc.

Try Out Trade Show Booth Ideas

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