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Anagram Questions For Duelbox!

Duelbox has 8 different Live Trivia question types to choose from. Here’s some anagram questions for your next show.

Did you know you can have anagrams in your Duelbox Live Trivia (AKA Quiz) game? There are 8 different question types you can choose from when you are creating your quiz. Today, we’re featuring the question type: Anagram.

Here are some of our favorite anagram questions for you to steal for your next show:

“Listen” and “Silent”

“Triangle” and “Integral”

“Astronomer” and “Moon starer”

“Desperation” and “A rope in the sand”

“Funeral” and “Real fun”

“Conversation” and “Voices rant on”

“School master” and “The classroom”

“The eyes” and “They see”

“Election results” and “Lies, let’s recount”

“Elbow” and “Below”

“Dormitory” and “Dirty room”

“Eleven plus two” and “Twelve plus one”

“The morse code” and “Here come dots”

“The public art galleries” and “Large picture halls, I bet”

“The slot machine” and “Cash lost in me”

“Conversation” and “Voices rant on”

“The hurricanes” and “These ruin a coast”

“The restaurateur” and “A roast is a treat”

“The country side” and “No city dust here”

Enjoy puzzling your crowd with these!

A word to wise: we’ve found that often people need more time to solve the Anagram questions than they need to answer ABCD questions, for example. We recommend giving a little more time for your audience for Anagram questions. Right now, you can’t designate different countdowns for different questions, but the work around is to create a separate Activity dedicated to just your Anagram question(s). We have plans to allow for different countdowns for different questions within a single Activity in the future.

If you haven’t made an account yet and want to try out Duelbox for yourself, start a free trial today. No credit cards or obligations at all. Game on!

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