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Trade Shows Analytics

Analytics may not be the first thing you consider with your trade show strategy, but it’s playing an increasingly large role in these events.

Data and analytics has become a major part of modern corporate strategy. With affordable and even free tools available to companies of all sizes, we now find ourselves in a time where we have all the data we need and more. However, one landscape often still looks about the same as it did 15 years ago: the trade show.

Due to the immediate need for all things to become digital in 2020, trade shows have indeed evolved to now include a larger digital footprint. But, many goals and measurements are still the same as before: talk with potential leads and make a good impression. So, let’s explore how data and analytics can better be leveraged at your trade show booth.

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Virtual Trade Shows

Let’s first take a look at the recent phenomenon of virtual trade shows. Make no mistake, these are here to stay in one form or another, and it’s worth understanding how data can play a role here.

All of the behavior of virtual trade show attendees is tracked by the virtual event platform. These platforms are the digital venues of the show. Examples of these platforms are Hubilo or Hopin. Generally, once the event has concluded you can request a report on user behavior. This information will cover the attendance, interest and action taken by potential leads. It should provide insight into what elements drove traffic to your booth and which elements led to conversions. These post-event reports provide valuable information that will allow you to make informed decisions on how to improve your performance at future shows. 

If you attend a virtual trade show, make sure you are provided with a detailed analytics report once the event has concluded.

In-Person Trade Shows – Lead Generation

How can data fit into your in-person trade show booth? Some analytics such as average booth visit duration are nearly impossible to accurately gather from in-person events. But data still has a role at in-person events, only a different one. 

You’ll need to bring the tech with you to digitize your data collection. It’s much easier to build your contact list of new leads from a digital sign up than it is from pen and paper. Whatever your draw is to your booth, be it a game, a giveaway, or something else, make sure to require a name and contact information before participation. This way at the end of the event you can follow up with everyone who visited and provided their data.

In-Person Trade Shows – Inventory

Inventory management is a not-so-obvious use for trade show data. If you have a variety of giveaways and want to keep track of inventories in real-time, you can use a prize management system such as the one built into the Duelbox Spin Wheel.

Simply input all of the inventory numbers at the beginning of the day into Duelbox. When players spin your wheel and claim a prize, the inventory number will be automatically updated. Additionally, if one prize is getting low, you can tweak the probability of spins landing on that item. Using this system at your booth will ensure you don’t accidentally run out of a prize halfway through the show. That helps you avoid the awkward moment when a visitor is excited to have won a prize, only to find out it’s gone.


Data drives the world today, and trade shows are no exception. Make sure you’re prepared to use it accordingly at your next tradeshow.

Duelbox games are incredible lead magnets and once the games are over all of the data you’ve gathered on the platform can be exported. Give Duelbox a try for free to see for yourself what we can do for your next trade show.

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