Bride and Groom Trivia Tips

Want to mix it up at your upcoming wedding? Boost the energy at your wedding reception and involve everyone with a Bride and Groom Trivia. 

Tired of the same old boring wedding games? Want to take your special day in a personal, unique direction? Consider the merits of asking bride and groom trivia questions. As the name of the game suggests, bride and groom trivia can do one of two things: 

  1. Quiz the audience: trivia that addresses the audience might feature questions about the couple and their families. Where did John and Jane meet? Who asked who on their first date? What’s their song?
  2. Quiz the happy couple: trivia directed at the couple can feature some harder questions to test the couple. Who is John’s favorite poet? What was the name of Jane’s first dog?

In this article, we take a look at how to create a great bride and groom trivia game.

A wedding reception area ready for bride and groom trivia

Keep Bride and Groom Trivia Friendly

Humor is good, but it’s easy to go too far—particularly at a wedding where expectations and emotions run high. When creating bride and groom trivia, it’s important to always err on the side of caution. Questions that come at someone else’s expense can be included but they need to be tasteful. It’s important to gauge your specific audience. When in doubt, throw the question out.

It’s a safer bet to opt for prompts that trend towards sweet. Instead of making a joke about a personal flaw or an irritating habit, (What finger does John pick his nose with?) go with something sweet (What sort of cake does Jane bake for John on his birthday?). It’s a happy day, so we of course want to play to that vibe. 

Don’t Make it Too Hard

In most cases, Live Trivia is designed to stretch the mind and get people thinking. Bride and groom trivia isn’t really one of those times. Make your questions too esoteric, and you run the risk of boring the majority of your crowd. When crafting your questions, try to think actively about what percent of the crowd will know the answer, or at least be able to give a good guess if it’s multiple choice.

It’s fun to throw in a few obscure questions that can be fun for the attendees to learn, but those should be the minority. Generally, the more accessible the quiz, the more fun the event will be. Here is a great resource of question examples for your next wedding day trivia.

No Embarrassing the Happy Couple

This one is important, particularly when it is the bride and groom themselves who are being quizzed. Often, there is an instinct to try and stump the newlyweds—it is, after all, a quiz, right? Challenging questions are fine but the last thing you want to do is make the tone of the game “look how little they know about each other.”

Keep in mind that there is a lot going on for any couple on their wedding day. Most likely, they aren’t used to being questioned in front of two hundred people – a situation which is sure to impact their quiz performance. Not to mention, they have a lot on their mind today.

Keep the bride and groom trivia questions simple and always try to produce smiles. This is their special day, not a time to try and make them look foolish.

Bride and Groom Trivia Prizes

End your bride and groom trivia game with prizes for the winners! If you’re using Duelbox for your game, then you can let winners spin the Spin Wheel to get a prize! This will make the stakes a bit higher and make a seamless conclusion to your game and transition to the next wedding day event.

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