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Custom Prize Wheel: Employee Recognition

Incorporating a custom prize wheel into your business is a great way to highlight employees with a personal touch.

The American workforce has a real morale problem: The average worker feels unappreciated and under-acknowledged. This in some part has contributed to the “great resignation” we’ve seen across the US over the past year. In fact, a lack of recognition is a major source of employee turnover

In this article, we take a look at how you can use a humble custom prize wheel, among other things, to make your staff feel more seen and acknowledged. 

Get To Know Your Employees

Step one to employee recognition is getting to know your fellow employees. It’s important to have regular conversations with your employees and really get to know who they are outside of work! Learn their husband’s name. Find out what sports their kids play, etc. Part of employee recognition is just seeing them as complicated and sometimes even flawed humans! Have honest interactions where you take an interest in your coworkers. Outside of a custom prize wheel itself, just getting to know everyone is a huge part of employee recognition.

Custom prize wheel by Duelbox

The Custom Prize Wheel

Try to make your office a fun place to be. Hold office parties and team-building exercises. Create opportunities for people to let their guard down. 

You can maximize the fun at these events by sewing in games. A custom prize wheel serves several functions. For one thing, it’s simply a fun way to get people more invested into your office gathering. 

Prizes For Your Staff

A custom prize wheel is a great way to show off how well you know your staff! You can create slices of the spin wheel that represent things that you and your coworkers have talked about in the past! If everyone is a coffee nerd, you can offer a nice french press or travel tumbler on one slice. If you have a bunch of active employees, you can have a gift card to a sporting goods store on another slice. 

The great thing about this too, is that it’s ok if there are some people with varying interests. If an employee with a nut allergy wins a bunch of nutty snacks and candies, they can then show off their knowledge of others by gifting their prize to someone who will really appreciate it. Maybe in this situation they could even get an additional free spin on the custom prize wheel. 

By customizing the prizes to reflect your employees’ interests, you can go a long way towards showing them that you care and know a bit about them.

Recognize a Job Well Done

The custom prize wheel is a perfect reward for doing great work! If a colleague finished a long project and knocked it out of the park, break out the custom prize wheel and give them a spin! And if your available prizes have changed since last time, the good thing about a custom prize wheel is that you can easily update it regularly. This is a great tool to always have on hand as it not only gives employees a prize but it also dedicates a moment to that employee where their strong work can be spotlighted! This is often more of a treat than the prize itself.

Custom Prize Wheel Gone Virtual

Bulky, physical spin wheels are a bit of a relic these days. At Duelbox, we’ve created a super customizable Spin Wheel that you can use at your office to reward and recognize employees! The slices can be easily configured for not only what they represent but the design as well! It allows for custom logos, colors, varying probabilities, and even the wheel structure itself to be changed. Schedule a demo with us to see it and our other games in action.

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