A Cool Team Building Showcase

Here is a recipe for a captivating Team Building event mixing awesome online and offline games.

Sometimes our customers get really creative. So did the creators of the discussed Team Building event, creating an unforgettable experience for the employees of a larger international company. The participants were divided into teams of 20, and the teams were competing against one another. The teams participated in several games, the winner was decided based on the scores they received throughout the games. Let’s see the games!

Factory Game

The team members participated in the Factory Game where they had to carefully coordinate their actions to properly control the robotic arm so that they finish the game in time. In the beginning, every team did a lot of mistakes. However, as they practiced they learned how to properly control the robotic arm and work together. In the end they had a smoothly running assembly line.

The dynamics of a team uncovers in these strained moments, when the players have to learn something new, they make mistakes, they try to help one another – often the wrong way. But as they keep on trying they learn the game, they become more and more successful and the joy of teamwork overwhelms them. And the participants will bring back these experiences on teamwork, respect, and cooperation during their everyday work.

Classical Team Building Games

The teams had some classical physical team building games where they had to carefully work together. Anyone having a little experience in Team Building can enumerate a dozen of these games by heart. But did you know that we have an awesome scoring system and an easy-to-use Manual Score activity to handle the scoring part?

Runner Game

In the Runner Game two players competed from each of the teams. You may think that running on an iPad using your fingers is an easy job – well, not the least! The players really broke a sweat (literally and figuratively speaking) to win the race for their teams.

The mood was awesome as the teammates kept on cheering for the players until the very end.

Activity Game

The teams were rewarded based on how fast they solved the questions. The teams pressed their Buzzers when they knew the solution. This way there was no question who had the solution faster. The animations and the sound integration made a Spectacular Activity Game out of a regular activity game. The Stopwatch Activity was used for time measurement.

Announcing the Winners

The scores were managed in the Scoring System of Duelbox. This way there was no question on the correctness of the scores and there was no miscalculation. The scores were available anytime, so the announcement of the results could start just after the final game has finished.

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