Contest for High School Students

We’ve worked many times with DUE, the National Society Of Student And Youth Journalists.
They’re organizing more and more contests for high school students every year in different topics like cinematic arts, crime prevention, finance, traffic rules. In cooperation with the association we’ve created a game format for the competitions to lower the costs of creating new competitions. This way they only needed to prepare the relevant questions and tasks, and create the visuals for the actual competition.

The first round in this game show was done via an online test where more than 10.000 students participated nationwide. After filling the test the best 100 players qualified for the second round which was a live game show. They had to answer here 30 multiple choice questions and the best 12 players qualified to the third round, where they could prove their knowledge on-stage. In the first part of the third round they played a buzzer game, the final part was a Jeopardy-like game. Here we could see every player making their choices and succeeding or failing at their questions. It was the most spectacular round of all, a real Game Show with the best players of all of the participants. This was the most breathtaking part where the audience could root for their favorite players.

The show ended with a spectacular Award Ceremony where the players got their prizes. Duelbox helped the association to bring their competitions to next level.

You can find a detailed description of a game show format inspired from the contests mentioned above: Game Show Cookbook.

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