Energizing Fans in the Arena

A short quiz game and a lot for valuable rewards – in an arena! Yes, it’s all possible, and the fans love it. We’ve been doing this in the Groupama Arena, Hungary’s largest arena, at football matches. 

There are 3 major benefits from using Duelbox in the Arena. First, a short quiz game is ideal for grabbing the attention of the players. Guess what, even an arena needs some sort of an ice-breaking, just like most of the events. And a short game is ideal to obtain the focus of the participants. Secondly, a few rewards for some of the participants can create a positive, cheerful mood among the audience. This might help taming the hard-core fans in advance. Thirdly, we collect the email addresses of the participants for notifying the winners (obviously) and for marketing reasons (which is the main benefit for the organizer). Your sales team would love such an opportunity!

Go the arena feeling?

When the game starts, the login details are visible on the big screen of the Arena. The participants can join the quiz game using their smart devices. They only need a browser to join the game. The quiz game is fully branded, we even created a white-labelled single-page website where the players can join the game. (By default, all games are accessible from go.duelbox.com by typing the code of the show.)

Duelbox Login Screen

How do you know that an image of a phone was shot in a studio?
The screen is clean, not greasy, and it ain’t full of fingerprints!

The game has a few quiz questions. This is enough to obtain the attention of the participants, yet takes only a few minutes from the valuable game-time. When the quiz is over we draw lots among the players who answered correctly. (Drawing from the players with max. score is one of the drawing algorithms of the Draw Lot.) So the players who answered all questions correctly have chance to win the rewards. After the quiz we show the Draw Lots activity on the big screens drawing the winners.

This screen might be big enough for all of us.

We, at Duelbox, bring awesome interactivity and entertainment to a wide variety of events, ranging from a couple of participants to an arena with a capacity of 22,000. Working with Groupama is a pleasure, it’s a fresh new experience for both of us.

Yep, they are the participants.

If you have a special use-case, just let us know. Our team is always up for a fine brainstorming.

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