Summer Camp

The talent show is a core part of a Summer Camp what we support since a decade. The organizers used multiple formats for this show and Duelbox played a key role from the beginning in building and implementing the game flow.

Sometimes we just used a simple Stopwatch to show the time for each participant, sometimes we gave digital scoring or digital jury solution to support the show. However in the last few years we created together with the organizer team a big, full-fledged, high-energy game show with lights and sound effects and a thrilling gameflow that involves and entertains the players and the audience too.

In the first round of this game show we chose the best few players from hundreds of participants. They could join the quiz game right in their phone, no app needed!

In the second round the players could show their performance on-stage in a buzzer game.

The finale was a real duel where the two best players competed in a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? like game. Making the most of their skills, only the best of the bests could win the grand prize.

You can find a detailed description of a game show format inspired from the competitions mentioned above: Game Show Cookbook.

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