Fourth of July Games at the Office

Fourth of July games at the office are a great way to bring some fun to the upcoming holiday. Try some of these to celebrate!

Fourth of July games are an excellent opportunity to not only celebrate, but build teamwork while making your employees feel recognized and appreciated. Workplace gamification efforts have been directly linked with improved workplace satisfaction and improved collaboration. 

To get these benefits, employers must be strategic. In this article, we take a look at game ideas that are both beneficial and fun to play. 

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Scavenger Hunt

A fourth of July Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get people out of their chairs. Because this game is so flexible, it’s easy to adapt it to fit the specifics of the holiday. You can have participants search for things that are reminiscent of the fourth of July by spreading holiday-specific items around the office. 

This game can also be adapted to make it compatible with remote teams. For example, search for something red, white, and blue. Something star shaped. You get the picture.

Remote scavenger hunts can work in two ways. One is to have players find physical items that are common enough to be found in all households, or items that match an attribute (like being star shaped).

Another option is to have a scavenger hunt take place online. In this case you can have people search for not-so-easy to find facts, or you can even hide QR codes or written codes somewhere on your own website and have players find them!

In all cases, this and other fourth of July games should be designed to be fast-paced and accessible, giving staff members the opportunity to have fun and work together in a relaxed situation. 

One of the Best Fourth of July Games: Live Trivia

Fourth of July-themed Live Trivia is another fun way to get people in your office out of their usual routines. Trivia games are particularly effective because they are easy to frame as a team-based competition. You kill two birds with one stone. Not only does your staff have fun, but they also get the opportunity to work together, building a closer bond. 


Holiday-themed charades are a silly way to get people out of their comfort zone. Choose prompts that are both associated with the holiday, and flexible enough to let people approach them in their own way. Enjoy watching your team replicate Washington crossing the Delaware, or channeling their inner Liberty Bell. 

It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s memorable. 

Spin Wheel

Spin Wheels are great tools that can be used to liven up any office party. You can use them creatively to dole out prizes, organize the structure of your event, or provide people with prompts that tie into actions. For example, spin the wheel at regular intervals to instruct guests to strike a pose, play air guitar, sing a solo, etc. 

Fourth of July Games Conclusion

Interested in getting support for your office game needs? Duelbox specializes in workplace gamification that can be introduced to everyday routines going well beyond the holidays. Employees thrive in an environment that is at once fast-paced and fun. 

Gamification allows you to accomplish both, building teamwork and creating bonds that result in higher workplace satisfaction and improved retention rates. 

Browse our catalog and consider signing up for a free trial to get started. 

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