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Polls Need A Rebrand

Whether they are used before, during, or after, polls and surveys have long had at home at live events. Let’s make them fun again.

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned poll to get a pulse on your audience. This is not a new concept, and it is one that has been evolving and improving over time. Let’s break down how polls have changed and what needs to be done to get them to drive excitement today.

The Polls of Old

Polls are nothing new for live events. The urge to share our opinion and grade it amongst our peers has been around forever. And so, polls have existed in some way or another for as long as people have gathered.

In the past, polls were often as simple as “Raise your hand if…” or “Cheer for your favorite so-and-so.” Results were not super accurate, but it helped organizers get a general idea.

Technology has since progressed to allow for precise response numbers to be gathered in real time.

The Polls of New

These days, it’s more common to see technology involved. By doing so, event organizers are able to receive more accurate and timely information from their audience. This can be clickers passed out to the audience, or the phones of everyone in attendance.

But the mere inclusion of these more advanced technologies does not guarantee a good poll, or one that has high participation. For that, you need to make your poll less of a chore and more of a fun way to share your opinion.

The Polls of Fun

Fast forward to today, and to stand apart you need fun polls. The problem with polls is that they have been so common for so long that people don’t view them as a game, but instead as a task or job to do. That’s why polls need a rebrand.

So what makes a poll fun? Gamification.

Fun polls
Gamified poll from Duelbox called “Versus”

Using game-like elements, you can transform any poll into a competition. By framing the poll as a battle between the possible answers, you will drum up excitement, participation, and speed of receiving answers. It will liven up your environment and improve the focus of your audience.

Polls From Duelbox

Duelbox offers two different types of polls: A more traditional poll and the more gamified version called Versus (seen in the gif above).

At Duelbox we focus not only on advanced customization, but also fun game experience! For all of our polls you will get not only real time answers from your audience, but an engaging game-like experience from each and every poll.

Start your free trial today to try Duelbox for yourself.

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