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Gamification Tactics for Your Conference

How can you leverage gamification to make your conference more engaging? Here are some ways you can include gamification tactics.

So, maybe you hear a lot about gamification tactics for events. But how do you actually add it in? Here are actionable ways that you can add game elements to your corporate event to make them more engaging.

Interactive Quizzes

Although it’s common to hear the joke “And there’ll be a quiz at the end of this 😉” at corporate events, this is actually a great way to gamify listening! A friendly quiz at the end of a talk covering some of the topics that were covered is a fun way to encourage close listening and improves the audience’s retention as well! The key is to use this as a fun add on and keep the mood light; you don’t want people to feel as though they are in the classroom.


Create a leaderboard that displays the top performers or teams during the conference. This can be based on various metrics such as attendance, participation in activities, promoting the event on personal social media, and quiz scores. This helps create a sense of competition and encourages attendees to engage more with the conference.

Scavenger Hunt

Create an in-person scavenger hunt that attendees can participate in during the conference. Attendees can be given a list of tasks or clues to complete within the venue, and they can earn points or rewards for completing them. Bonus points for having the hunt incorporate the content from the conference itself. This will mean the game enhances the event rather than distracts from it. Attendees can play individually or in teams to build camaraderie.

Warm Up Gamification Tactics

Games are a powerful tool to break the ice and kick off your event! At Duelbox we have the Race Game which is a fan favorite for boosting the energy at the start of an event and setting the tone. But depending on the size of your event you can use other non-digital games as well such as two truths and a lie or speed networking with a short timer. Gamification tactics can come into play right at the kick off of your event!

race game - trade show booth idea

Live Polling

Polls have become a familiar aspect of many corporate events, and there’s a good reason why. They can be used during presentations to make them more interactive. Have the speaker get the audience’s opinion on a relevant topic in real time to make the talk more of a conversation instead of a lecture. The speaker can then tailor the talk around the feedback received.

Gamification Tactics

The ideal event is not something you attend and view from the outside, it is something that every attendee participates in and leaves their own individual mark on. Gamification is a potent tool for increasing this audience engagement. It makes the experience more interactive and fun, and by encouraging attendees to be more active and engaged throughout the conference, the event and the participants both benefit.

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