9 Holiday Party Ideas for Work

With the end of the year approaching, here’s some holiday party ideas for work to bring to your December office party. 

Need some holiday party ideas for work? We’ve pulled together some of our best suggestions to make your office party memorable and fun for the whole company.

Clanking champagne glasses

Give it a Theme

Go beyond just the holiday season! Don’t be afraid to add a unique theme to your year end event. Themes add substance to events. Give your employees the chance to wear specific clothes, or in some other way collectively contribute to a singular idea. Go for a sports theme, murder mystery, disco, or ironically a summer/tropical theme!

Holiday party idea for work: a tropical themed party

Door Prizes

You can spice things up immediately by giving out attendance prizes. Raffle tickets, mystery gift cards, small company branded items, or special candies. it doesn’t have to be anything big, but it can set the tone from the moment someone walks through the door.

Give Back

Consider adding an element of giving to the occasion. The holidays are a great way to support the community that supports you. Encourage everyone to bring a canned good for donation. Have a giving tree where people can choose to fund pre-selected gifts that will be distributed to those in need. Giving back is one of the most important holiday party ideas for work you can integrate into the celebration because it does some good, and makes the event more meaningful.


Now, we’re not saying to ask the employees to provide all the food for the event. You should have some sort of food catered or otherwise prepared for the guests. However, it can be fun to ask people to bring a small taste of their own special recipes to share! Perhaps just appetizers or just desserts.

For one thing, sharing homemade food is a special connection. A team building exercise of sorts that helps people get to know one another a little better. Susan makes amazing Swedish meatballs. Who knew? 

It also gives your staff a small stake in the party. They may be a little more invested now that they’ve contributed. 


Have an Entertainment Budget

Having a little bit of entertainment is a great way to take your party to the next level. See if you can manage to get a local musician to come out. A Bluetooth speaker and a smartphone will work in a pinch but your staff will definitely appreciate a professional touch of live music or other types of performers.

Duelbox Race Game

The Duelbox Race Game is a fun, interactive way to get people super engaged in the moment. In terms of holiday party ideas, it’s an easy and fun way to spice things up. Participants can log in using their own phones and race as silly characters across an icy tundra or other pre-made courses. This game is a great ice breaker and a way to boost the energy at your party.

Duelbox Race Game

Photo Booth

Photo booths add a nice sense of occasion to the event! Your staff will have fun taking  ridiculous pictures, playing with the props,  and they will leave the event with some funny mementos. It’s great to have as an activity that anyone can go do when they want to mix it up and be silly for a moment with a few coworkers.

Move it Out of the Office

If you can, it’s preferable to have your party in a different setting from where you typically work. Otherwise it can be hard to separate work and fun. If you host your event three feet from everyone’s cubicles, they will probably have a harder time settling into the party environment and having fun, which is what holiday parties are all about.

Duelbox Live Trivia

Duelbox Live Trivia is another fun way to add a personal touch to your office party. You can customize the questions yourself to make them specific to the office, or other things that you know your employees are interested in. This is a great game to get everyone involved together, have some laughs, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Duelbox trivia

Holiday Party Ideas For Work

Those are our suggestions for an unforgettable holiday party! Duelbox is great for holiday parties and ensures you have a memorable event. If you’re interested in Duelbox for your holiday party this year, start a free trial to get started.

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