How to Encourage Team Building

Not everyone gets excited at the idea of team building. In this article, we take a look at how to encourage team building.

Gamification is an incredible way to breathe life into meetings and conferences. Games have the remarkable potential to bring people together, foster better productivity, and even reduce stress. There’s only one problem: no one game is suitable for everyone, and every event you host is going to be filled with a variety of people. 

So how do you reach reluctant participants? In this article, we take a look at how to encourage team building by planning game scenarios that can be enjoyed even by people who don’t usually partake.

A man encourages a group for a team building. 

Step 1: Keep it Simple

Some of the world’s most rewarding games are very complicated. The Netflix show, Queen’s Gambit, for example, probably would not have been nearly as enjoyable if it was about Candyland. Complicated games definitely have their place in the world, but your next conference or meeting isn’t it. 

Not only will a complicated game suffer at the time constraints of a meeting or conference, but it will also alienate people who don’t usually like to play games. If you really want to keep the appeal as broad as possible, make sure that the rules are easy to understand and the objectives are clear. This is the first step in how to encourage team building.

Step 2: Consider Group Games

Reluctant participants may feel uneasy about taking on a lot of responsibility in an individual game situation. You may find better luck creating games that involve a team element. Not only will this foster team building and workplace friendships, but it will also give everyone the chance to select their own roles.

Step 3: Incentivize

There are very few things more motivating than a good incentive. Indeed, workplace incentive programs have been shown to boost productivity by up to 44%. That’s why this is really one of the best ways how to encourage team building. If you want to make sure everyone is excited to play your next conference game, make sure they have a good reason to do so. 

While the experience may be its own reward for some, a clear, solid incentive (gift cards, giveaways, etc.) will appeal to everyone.  Some in the audience may not be interested in the game itself but will be a little more interested in participating with a reward up for grabs.

Step 4: Participate Yourself

Last but not least, try to make sure that everyone (including higher-ups and organizers) participates. Some people may be reluctant to play simply because it makes them feel self-conscious. When hesitant participants see that everyone is buying in, it will seem more natural to do so themselves. Leading by example can go a long way in alleviating the discomfort of feeling self conscious.  

How to Encourage Team Building – Takeaways

It’s important to build a welcoming environment that doesn’t put anyone on the spot. Instead of making people feel obligated, you want to create a situation where it is natural and even fun to join in. Of course, the more frequently you have team building activities and follow these steps, the more normal participating will become.

How to Encourage Team Building with Duelbox

At Duelbox we have a variety of interactive games and activities for everyone. Talk with us today to learn how to build the perfect team building day for your company.

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