Updates in Duelbox

A solution for hybrid Quiz events and QR codes for the Welcome activity headline this month’s updates in Duelbox.

Duelbox is always growing and improving! Here’s our updates.

Quizzes for Hybrid Events 

Let’s suppose you have a hybrid event with simultaneous in-person attendees and online participants. You want to have a Quiz with both audiences together, but the stream is delayed! What can you do?

Duelbox to the rescue! We now have a Master Quiz Link between Quiz games. With this, you can set up and manage your Quiz for the in-person attendees and the online participants.

So, if your stream is experiencing a delay, you can in turn have the same delay for the Quiz Game the online participants play. This way the stream and their Participants View will be in sync, and your audience will not see a difference!

master quiz link screenshot for Trivia

More info on Live Trivia and Quiz games can be found here.

QR Codes for Welcome Activity

We’ve added a new feature to the Welcome Activity! In addition to having participant’s names appear on the screen when they join your Show, you can also display your QR code on the Big Screen that leads directly to your show. Participants can scan it and join your show, just like in the default screen. This feature allows players to easily join your Show even while you have the Welcome Activity displayed.

You can find the option to turn on the QR code in red below.

Screenshot showing how to activate a QR code for the Welcome game

A New Version of Duelbox is Coming!

You may have also heard about our big news: we are creating a simpler, more accessible version of Duelbox! 

Right now, the new Duelbox is still in development. However, we are looking for beta testers to test out our new platform for free! All we ask in return is your feedback. If you’d like to participate in our beta test and use our new platform for free, sign up here: https://duelbox.com/beta-sign-up/ 

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