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5 Icebreaker Games You Can Do for Free

Looking for great, easy icebreaker games? Here’s 5 icebreaker games you can do for free.

There is a strong benefit to games, and that’s why we are providing 5 icebreaker games you can do for free. Not only can the right games help your employees establish bonds, they can also boost productivity. Employees that like each other are more productive than those who don’t. They are also happier, and more likely to stick around for the long haul. By creating a company culture that enables these connections you optimize your workplace.

Read on for 5 icebreaker games you can do for free!

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5 Icebreaker Games You Can Do for Free

The 5 icebreaker games you can do for free featured below have been chosen for their ease and effectiveness. While all of the options highlighted below work well, some may be better than others for your team. 

No one knows your staff better than you! For best results, choose an interactive game that caters to your team’s unique personalities. 

Guess My Name

This simple party game is sure to get people having fun quickly. The rules are simple. Write the names of famous or historical figures onpost-it notes.  Then, everyone picks one out and sticks it to their head without reading it. Your staff will then try to find out who they are by talking to one another.

Coworkers cannot directly reveal one another’s identities but can provide fun hints and clues. 

5 Minute Catch Up

Pair your employees off with people they rarely speak to. The employees are then asked to reflect on a topic for five minutes. It could be something simple, like a recent film or sporting event. The topic could even be specific to your workplace. 

What they discuss is less important than having the conversation in this icebreaker game.

Guess Who Icebreaker Game

Have your employees write down a secret about themself on a piece of paper. Something that no one else at your company would know. You can then read the secrets off to the group, and have your employees try to guess who it is. 

Desert Island

An oldie but a goodie in the world of icebreaker games. Have your employees go around the room and say what book, film, and album they would bring with them to a desert island. Not only does this game reveal people’s unique tastes, but it also allows your staff to identify commonalities. 

Two Truths and a Lie – A Classic Icebreaker Game

Have your employees describe two things about them that are true and one that is false. The rest of the staff then works to identify the lie. Employees get to have fun while learning more about one another. 

Not only are the games listed above free,  fast, and easy, but most can be done remotely as well. Whether you are working in person or far from the rest of your staff, there is always room for connections. Use these games as often as you’d like to create meaningful bonds in your workplace. 

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