Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building by Impact 4 Good

While social distancing is everywhere our Duelbox Partners and Customers are finding new applications to create engaging virtual events activities to bring the team together. Duelbox’s North American Partner – Impact4Good is available to offer two out-of-the-box customized & professionally hosted programs for those that don’t want to DIY.

It’s a tenuous time for just about everyone. Just as important as giving fist bumps instead of shaking hands is keeping your team feeling connected even if they are working from home and can’t gather in person.
The goal of this program is to keep your employees engaged with one another while putting your philanthropic values into action by giving back to local beneficiaries who need critical, immediate donations to continue helping those in need.

Games are optimized at the 20-minute mark but can be customized to fit your needs and time frame, whether shorter or longer. Participants are guided through the experience live, by an enthusiastic host who keeps the audience engaged and energized. Video conferencing software such as Zoom keeps everyone connected, and our game platform can be integrated into other live stream platforms if you prefer. The game is played LIVE on an online forum, where teams or individuals interact and compete with each other. Additional functionality such as “Polling”, “Q&A”, “Raffle Drawings” and even “Elimination Rounds” can be included to boost engagement and excitement, all while making a difference in your community.

Please inquire with Impact 4 Good about the donation options or immediate prizes available for your group. Everyone Wins!

Standard Game Show Includes
Professional Live Host
Customized Content
Content Development
Trivia Game
Elimination Platform
Video Integration

The Virtual Giveback Game Show includes

LIVE Quiz Show – our animated LIVE host appears on screen or with video integration on your mobile device.

Play as individuals or within pre-determined teams with the goal of gaining the highest score. Questions are displayed in real-time with a countdown clock displayed on the screen. When the time is up after each question, the host reveals the answer, with the correct answer highlighted on each participant’s own device. The program includes a fast-paced format utilizing multiple-choice, photos and buzz-in action. Score values are cumulative throughout the game and can be structured as individual earnings or assigned team scoring. 

Trivia Elimination Giveback includes

LIVE Fast-Paced Quiz Show – our animated LIVE host appears on screen with video integration on your mobile device.

The trivia game that captured the nation! The winner’s circle grows smaller and smaller after each round of trivia until only one player remains! The final winners compete in a head to head LIVE race using our “Racing Man” technology (see below for details). Our customized quizzes are capable of engaging and entertaining up to thousands of participants in real-time.

Both the Virtual Giveback Game Show & the Virtual Trivia Elimination Show are sold as a one-time event or can be purchased as a subscription. Contact Impact4Good to learn more and hit that Easy Button today!

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