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Scenes from the National Sports Forum

We attended the National Sports Forum in Los Angeles! And we got to talk fan engagement and innovative sponsorships with the best in the biz.

This week, Duelbox attended the National Sports Forum (NSF) in Los Angeles! This event was a huge summit of the best and the brightest in the sports industry. We were able to learn from major players in the industry about the future of the sports industry, and understand how Duelbox can be part of it!

National sports forum selfie
Head of US Business Development Ray Resnick (left) and CEO Robert Sarosi (right)

What is the National Sports Forum?

So what is the NSF? Here’s how they describe their event:

The National Sports Forum (NSF) is one of the largest annual cross-gatherings of business professionals in the sports industry representing a broad spectrum of teams, leagues, agencies, and corporate partners (i.e. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Minor Leagues, Racing, Colleges, etc.). The National Sports Forum brings together sports business professionals to discuss the latest trends, ideas, and innovations shaping our industry and strive to create a community and family at the Forum.

Why did Duelbox go?

Duelbox was able to attend this event because we have expanded to now include live sports! Understanding industry trends and priorities is paramount to us understanding how we can best serve the industry.

Let’s see the pics!

Between the National Sports Forum and the local sports facilities, we were all over the city! So, have a look…

We’re excited to be bringing Duelbox to live sports and this forum was a great way for us to learn, network, and better understand the needs of the sports industry!

If you are interested learning about how Duelbox can improve your live events, sports or otherwise, we invite you to have a call with Ray (you’ll recognize him from the above pics) and tell us what you’re looking for!

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