Onboarding Strategy: Trivia Training

A good onboarding strategy can easily set the tone for the next several months of a new hire’s employment. Trivia training can help.

Onboarding strategies bear a lot of pressure. Not only do they have to be comprehensive and effective, but they also have to be palatable for the new hire. Learning the ins and outs of your company can be a challenge. By making the process fun and enjoyable, you lighten the mood and help the employee feel comfortable. 

Live Trivia training can be a great way to accomplish that. In this article, we take a look at how you can use trivia training to onboard your new hires.

Coworkers using the onboarding strategy of trivia

Where Trivia Training Fits in the Onboarding Strategy

You will ultimately have to select the strategy that works best for you. Trivia training can be brought in at the very end of onboarding as a way to summarize everything that the new hire has learned. 

On the other hand, you can also use it in between modules as a smaller, more bite-sized review. The idea is to help the new hire remember as much about your company as possible, so select a strategy that is based on fun and retention. 

Crafting Your Trivia

It’s important to remember the purpose of your trivia as you craft your questions. The goal of this game is not to stump your new hire or make them feel like they are being evaluated. You’re trying to relieve stress, not add to it. 

Make your questions as light and accessible as possible. Your trivia game isn’t just there to test what they have learned—it’s also an important tool for reinforcing their knowledge. 

It’s Not a Test

There is an important distinction between trivia and a quiz. Trivia is meant to be fun and lighthearted. So it should be in your onboarding strategy. Make sure that your new hire doesn’t feel like they are being tested. The newbie may already feel nervous being the new person on the block. If your trivia is too difficult and serious in tone, you will only exacerbate those feelings. 

Instead, keep the tone light. You should not punish mistakes. However, you may consider offering small rewards for good quiz scores. This could be a simple acknowledgment or even small prizes. 

Onboarding Strategy is Mission Critical

Trivia games may seem like a fun, lighthearted, even silly addition to your onboarding routine. Keep in mind, however, that they can go a long way towards setting the tone for how your new hire views their job. 

Great onboarding can boost retention by 82% but almost 90% of companies self-report that they don’t do it well. Injecting fun learning tools into your onboarding process doesn’t only improve engagement but sends the message from the get-go that you are a caring company the new hire will enjoy working for.

Trivia Training with Duelbox

Duelbox provides Live Trivia made for employee onboarding and training. Sign up for free to give Duelbox a try and see for yourself our Live Trivia and all of our other games made for events and workplaces.

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