Polls Are Old News

To poll the audience has become almost cliché at conferences. Here we take a look at how to breathe life into this common activity.

Polls have an undeniable utility. In addition to providing you with valuable feedback and insights into your audience, they also help engage the audience at your event. Polls give them a way to interact with you directly.

But are polls losing their effectiveness? In this article, we explore how polls are being used today, what their issues are, and how you can find a solution. 

Audience in seats waiting to be polled

The Current Situation

The majority of conferences today poll the audience to gather opinions on the topics being covered. It’s a good move. Audience interactions have been shown to boost engagement, which can be particularly handy for people who are hosting remote or hybrid events where getting people involved might be something of a challenge. 

The problem is saturation. The more polls are used, the less of an impact they ultimately have. But while this technology has grown a little stale over the years, that’s not to say that it needs to be put to bed entirely. The right polling technology can still excite audiences and add a wow factor to your next event. 

Duelbox Does It Different

Duelbox takes a different approach to poll the audience. Our technology adds a gamification element to polls. Versus – Live Polls from Duelbox make questioning your audience at once competitive and eye-catching. With stunning graphics, the polls immediately draw your audience’s eyes. 

Meanwhile, the structure of the poll is designed to activate the reward center that responds with enthusiasm to competition. So, what’s the result? A fresh polling game that will ensure your event stands out. 

Polls can be applied to presentations, showroom booths, classroom settings, and more. So, where there is an audience, there is an opportunity to use gamified polling tech to boost engagement and participation. 

Conclusion: Should You Poll the Audience?

Some polls are becoming stale, but polling the audience is certainly not dead. Having the right technology will make your polling stand out the next time you hold an event.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a free trial now, and give our polls and the rest of our catalog of products a try. They will help you gamify events, classes, trainings, meetings, and more. 

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