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Spin Wheel in the Classroom

Spin wheel classroom activities are a fun way to get students engaged in their lesson plans. Here’s some game recommendations. 

Spin wheel games are a good way to add a little bit of excitement into the classroom. They can be used during school parties as a way of distributing prizes, but they also have everyday applications that help draw students deeper into the lesson plans. 

Student engagement has declined steeply over the last two years, thanks in large part to the educational complications of Covid-19. Gamifying the classroom is a good way to help students have fun as they learn. 

In this article, we take a look at a few ways you can implement the Spin Wheel into your classroom.

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Calling on Students

Every teacher has had the experience of asking a question that was met with crickets. Spin wheels can serve as a fun alternative to the approach educators typically take to asking questions. Put all of your students’ names on the wheel, and give it a spin to see who answers the next question or reads the next passage. 

Not only is this a fun break from your normal routine but it might also make students more focused. Some will be more inclined to listen when they know they could be called on at any moment. And for a bit of fun, you could even have yourself on one slice.

Reward System

They can also serve as a natural way to distribute prizes and rewards. When a student has done something well or completed a task, invite them to spin the wheel. The student gets whatever prize the spinner lands on whether that is a physical prize or even a fun activity or privilege for the rest of the day.

Mechanism for Learning

The spinner can also serve as a fun way to call students’ attention to specific concepts. For example, if you are teaching your students vocabulary, you could ask students to pronounce and define the word it lands on.


Of course, the wheel of luck can also serve as a tool for introducing more games into the classroom. These could be fun and playful, or instructional. For example, spin wheel could invite students to act out scenes from a book or play that you are reading in the classroom. 

It could also be used recreationally by integrating into another game, for example to determine turns. Because the spin wheel is so flexible, teachers are empowered to craft an experience that is specific to their student’s interests. 

Try Spin Wheel for Free

Teachers that want to make learning more enjoyable in their classroom can try out the Duelbox Spin Wheel for free. This no-obligation trial provides you with the opportunity to test out our Spin Wheel for free and see how they excite your students.


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