Spin Wheel at Team Building

Spin wheel games can be a great way to boost team-building efforts. Here, we look at games that will help your team collaborate better. 

Businesses with strong teams thrive in a competitive environment. A staff of highly qualified individuals is great, but when these people can’t work together seamlessly, you’re still leaving efficiency on the table. Teamwork is key, but how to get it?

Gamification has been shown to boost team-building efforts and improve overall workplace performance. With the right games, your workplace can enjoy the 30% productivity boost brought on by better collaboration. In this article, we look at how you can use a spin wheel to improve your team-building efforts and boost overall workplace performance. 

Hands coming together before a spin wheel team building

Spin Wheel Scavenger Hunts

Spin wheel scavenger hunts are a good way to make meetings more fun. Shared enjoyment is shown to build friendship and collaboration making this an effective way to improve teamwork in your workplace. To make your own, write your leads out on the wheel and then spin. 

Whatever item the arrow lands on is what your team members will have to find. In-person, the items listed could be common to the office, or even to the worker’s desks. The game can also be altered for remote teams to feature items commonly found around the house. 

Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games give your staff the chance to get to know one another better in small, bite-sized scenarios. A spin wheel icebreaker game features specific prompts written on each segment of the wheel. You spin the wheel. Whatever prompt the arrow lands on is what your staff will discuss. 

For example: what was your favorite vacation? What is your favorite restaurant? What is your least favorite music? 

The questions should be designed to facilitate light responses that allow coworkers to get to know one another better. 

Spin Wheel Trivia

This game works by dividing your trivia game up into a range of different topics, similar to the way Jeopardy! does. For example, pop culture, history, office trivia, etc. Divide your staff up into teams, and then spin the wheel. 

Whatever topic the spinner lands on is the one your questions will cover. Trivia is a good team-building game because it gets people working together naturally toward a common, yet fun goal. 


Keep in mind that there are many ways to improve team-building through Spin Wheels and other games. Not only do they add variety to your work routine but they bring people together, improving collaboration, efficiency, happiness, and profits all in one fell swoop. 

Check out our other games, and start thinking about ways you can improve teamwork in your office through the power of games. 

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