Generate Sponsorship Revenue on Gameday

Sponsorship revenue is a critical part of any sports association. How can maximize this revenue while providing value to your fans?

Even well-attended sporting events are incredibly expensive to run. The overhead is enormous. Hundreds of employees servicing a large building. As you know, sponsorships are key to a successful business model.

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Most sporting arenas have ample surfaces to hang up logos and banners. The more opportunities there are for sponsorship, the bigger the potential revenue. But, what many sports clubs miss is that not all sponsor opportunities are created equal.

Sponsors are always looking for new ways to reach your audience. Showing the same ad in the same place gets stale and garners less attention over time. Physical ads and commercials over the speakers are easily tuned out by the audience. 

What we’ve found really gets the sponsor’s attention is the chance to have the audience’s full attention by being directly on the phone of every fan in the arena.

Spin wheel

Why Games Work

The fans who show up to watch are naturally game-oriented, this is why they attended the match. But all sports feature a fair amount of downtime, between timeouts, half times, reviews, etc. This is where Duelbox games come in.

During downtime, prompt your audience on the big screen to join a Duelbox game by scanning a QR code on their phone or by visiting a URL. They will then all join the same game and play together in real time. 

Imagine thousands of people answering a Trivia question during a time out. Everyone in the stands tapping as fast as they can on their phone for a massive, group Race Game. Excitement in the air as the entire audience spins their own personal Spin Wheel for a chance to win a prize.

People are looking for something to do during these idle times of the game. Duelbox provides the solution to simultaneously deliver fun to your fans and a highly engaged audience to your sponsors.

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Sponsor Value

All of the games in the ever-growing Duelbox game library provide fully-loaded customization and branding opportunities. Change the backgrounds, color schemes, sounds, and content. But sponsors don’t have to be secondary. You can even directly customize the characters and gameplay itself, so that everything from the look and feel to the rules of the game can be customized to fit your sponsor’s brand.

You can even choose to require participants to provide their name, email, phone number, or any other information you’d like. This means you can offer valuable leads for your sponsors that allow them to remarket to your audience even after the clock hits zero.


Duelbox provides sports teams with a new revenue stream, sponsors with a fresh new opportunity to engage with the audience, and fans with an exciting experience during stoppages of play!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Duelbox can benefit your team, we’d love to talk to you. Schedule an appointment to learn more and see Duelbox in action.

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