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Digital Spin Wheel vs. Physical Spin Wheel

A digital spin wheel is an excellent branding and lead generation tool. In this article, we talk about how you can use them to your advantage.

Games of chance involving a spin wheel are nothing new. But while spin wheel games stretch back for centuries, modern, the digital spin wheel is a unique beast in their own right. Great for generating leads, building interest at trade shows, and strengthening your brand image, they are a tool businesses everywhere should think about using. 

In this article, we highlight some of the many benefits that are unqiue to digital Spin Wheels.

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Digital Spin Wheel Brand Customization

Once a physical spin wheel is manufactured, it more or less remains the same for the rest of its productive life. This means that customization opportunities are usually limited. If three booths at a trade show are using a physical spin wheel, all of the units are going to look more or less alike. 

Digital spin wheels have a lot more room for creativity. With these tools, you can easily personalize with branding to create a custom feel that spreads awareness.

Slice Probabilities

Unlike physical spin wheels, their digital counterparts also allow you to set your slice probability. This way, you can help determine which prizes are distributed the most, and which come up rarely. 

Built In Lead Generation

Perhaps most valuable of all, digital spin wheels feature automatic lead generation. You have the in-app option to require players to input their contact information—phone number or email address—before the game begins. 

At trade shows and similar events, this is a great way to build an enormous pool of potential leads. 

Digital Spin Wheel Prize Management

Digital spin wheels also make the logistical side of things easier through automated inventory management. In a trade show scenario, you don’t want to be counting out logo frisbees or stress balls. You want to be interacting with the people who come up to your booth. 

A digital spin wheel will give you that freedom by automatically reducing inventory in your ledgers throughout the day. In other words, when someone spins the wheel and it lands on a stress ball, one stress ball will be automatically reduced from your inventory. 

Easily Adjustable

While physical spin wheels can’t be adjusted at all, your digital spin game can be changed as often as you see fit. Let’s say, for example, your inventory running low on a certain prize. You can reduce the probability of spins landing on that giveaway, or simply take it out of the rotation altogether. 

This flexibility allows you to tweak your booth in real-time to make sure that you are always maximizing your appeal and useability at trade shows and other public events. 

Covid-19 Friendly

It’s also worth mentioning that not everyone will even want to interact with a physical spin wheel these days. Many more people are cautious about what they touch in public places than they were a few years ago.

Patrons can access digital spin wheel games by scanning a QR code on their phones. This allows you to respect everyone’s comfort levels.

Digital Spin Wheel Conclusion

Few tools are quite so versatile as the digital spin wheel when it comes to branding, lead generation, and sheer practicality. At trade shows and other public events, you need a way to draw people in.  A digital spin wheel can help keep them there long enough for you to make your pitch. 

The digital spin wheel is a game that accomplishes this in a way that is highly engaging for the participant, and very user-friendly for you. 

To try out the Duelbox digital Spin Wheel for yourself, register for a free, 14 day trial.

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