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The Rise of Virtual Event Platforms

A breakdown of what virtual event platforms do and examples of virtual event platform options for your next event.

As we all know, events have drastically changed over the past two years. Remote and hybrid events are now here to stay. So, what has replaced the venues that once were the exclusive homes of trade shows, conferences and the like? Virtual event platforms.

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Virtual event platforms are different from video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet. Instead of only providing a video call and screen share option, virtual event platforms are totally immersive and interactive. They are meant to not only replace the entire experience of attending an event in person, but even go a step further.

Benefits of Virtual Event Platforms

Virtual event platforms are powerful tools for event organizers. Here’s some of the main features you can expect from most platforms:

  • Multiple simultaneous stages – For larger events with many speakers, the option to have multiple “stages” for speakers to use simultaneously is a huge benefit. Not only dos this make it easier to fit everyone into your schedule, but it gives your attendees multiple options for how to spend their time at your event.
  • Analytics – Something that is traditionally difficult for in-person events is measurement. The benefit of virtual events is that you can generally measure how many attendees you have, how long they stay, what stages they were most interested in, and more. Exhibitors are also empowered with automated details on who they spoke with throughout the day, no pen or paper needed.
  • Cost – When compared with the full cost of renting a physical venue, providing food options and facilities, and staffing an event, virtual event platforms are an incredible value. All of the connections between exhibitors and visitors and among the attendees themselves is possible at a fraction of the price.
  • Seamless integration with games and polling – Events are driving engagement with the integration of interactive digital games and activities. Polling is one of the most simple add ons that is available on most of these platforms that provides an opportunity for audience interaction. But some platforms are advancing beyond simple polls by gamifying events through Live Trivia, virtual Scavenger Hunts, ice breaker games, and more. 

Here’s a list of some of our favorite virtual event platform options and how they describe themselves.

  • Canapii – “Digital solutions for all types of events. Create the most advanced experiences for your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events – all in one place.”
  • Encore Global – “Encore elevates your small hybrid meetings to connect your participants and deliver seamless content for those in the room and around the globe.”
  • Event Cadence – “Cadence is the all-in-one events platform for live, virtual, and hybrid events. We are evolving the way people host, experience, and remember events.”
  • Hopin – “Create immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience, no matter where they are.”
  • Hubilo – “A virtual event platform that can do anything, for the people who do everything. Making it easy for you to bring people together — anywhere, anytime.”
  • HuddleXR – “HuddleXR has everything you’ll ever need to make your virtual event a huge success. Host your event at a great venue. Create value to draw more audience to your live, online and hybrid event.”
  • Vii – “Vii Events is an all-in-one 3D 360° metaverse multi award-winning platform. Not just a webinar – fully interactive next-gen virtual and hybrid events.”
  • Virbela – “We build immersive 3D worlds for work, learning, and virtual events. Our engaging virtual spaces replicate real world dynamics and social interactions.”

Choosing the Right Platform

When it comes down to deciding which virtual event platforms are best for you, it’s important to have a test run before finalizing your choice. Typically you can book a demo with the platform to try it out for yourself. We recommend browsing the websites of those listed above, checking their pricing and features, and booking a demo with your finalists. We’re confident you will find what you need from one or more of the above options. 

Once you’ve decided on your platform, consider integrating Duelbox into your event. We have experience working with all kinds of video conferencing and virtual platforms, so we are sure to be able to work on the platform of your choice. We’ve made all of our Games and Activities ourselves specifically for the purpose of live events. Similar to choosing your virtual event platform, we recommend you book a Duelbox demo to see for yourself what we can bring to your event.

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