Updates in Duelbox

New fonts. New banners. And a new game around the corner! Lots of shiny new things for you to try out in Duelbox!

Lurking in the background.

Hidden by the cover of darkness.

The Duelbox developers have been hard at work. And although their work is done in the shadows, Duelbox will never be the same again!

Changes in Duelbox

As usual, we have been hard at work optimizing Duelbox, adding new features, and working on new games! Here are the main changes coming.

New Fonts

At Duelbox, we have always been all about customization. Well, we’ve taken that philosophy a step further. You can now customize the font in your Show!

You can now choose among a variety of font options to make your show feel truly unique. Soon, you will be able to choose from any font available Google Fonts.

New font
Watch out for ghosts 👻👻👻

As of now, this feature is only available for Early Access, but it will be released fully soon.


We’ve created a new header and footer section that can be added to any game! This is the perfect place to add in a sponsor if you have one. Or you can use these banners for anything else you want to keep in front of your participants for the duration of the contest.

The new header section also allows for participants to click on their name which opens up a menu displaying their stats:

The menu that pops out on a participant’s screen.

A New Game

It’s still top secret, but we can’t help but mention we are working on a new game that we think will rock your world! 🎶

Stay tuned for that one.

Let’s Play

If you haven’t created your own free Duelbox account yet, now is a great time to see what the fuss is all about. Even if you intend to upgrade to a paid account later, we still recommend everyone create a free account so you can get in there for yourself and see what Duelbox is all about!

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