Updates | June 2019

For June, we have 2 new awesome activities (although in Beta yet) and some other tweaks.


It is a battleground of ideas! Clash two opposing statements and let the audience decide who has the better arguments!

The Versus serves as the wrestling ring of two ideas, where you select the two sides, and the audience brings the punches. Well, you could ask the opinion of the audience by a simple Poll, but hey, it’s much more interesting this way! Let them fight!

Let Them Fight (Godzilla)

Jokes aside, you can set the name and the statement of the two sides, plus the colors, and the audience can vote who they agree with the more. The display shows the current ratio.

The Versus is currently in Beta, contact us if you want to try it out!

Let them fight (with Versus) ➜

Secret Codes

Well, it may not sound as awesome as the Versus, but it’s also a pretty useful one. Especially at expos or family days. With the Secret Codes activity, the players can collect codes at offline activities. You can scatter around the codes at various locations, e.g. one code at every booth. Use this game to persuade players to discover as many locations as they can. The players may get a reward after achieving a certain score (e.g. a present or a free drink), or for each code, they get some points. This way you can use the Secret Codes at your expo besides other activities, e.g. a Single Player Quiz. The Secret Codes is also in Beta.

Bring those codes on ➜

Other updates

The world moves on, the cloud pass by, and Duelbox gets better and better every release. The most important update is that the question list editor in some activities works better now (Quiz, Single Player Quiz, Poll). There was a minor usability glitch when 2 new questions were created, now it’s gone, plus the drag & drop is much smoother.

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