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March Duelbox Updates

A new Game and overhauled audio headline this month’s updates in Duelbox.

Duelbox is always growing and improving! Here are the biggest updates from March.


We’ve released a new interactive Game: Prediction

Prediction is made for collecting guesses from participants for timely questions. So, guesses for things where the outcome is not yet determined such as the result of a soccer match. Prediction collects the guesses and then gives the host the ability to evaluate the guesses after the result has occurred. This can be used for gathering and evaluating predictions for anything from sports predictions, to the future value of a stock, to which presentation at your event will have the biggest audience. 

We’re excited to see what else our users come up with for this Game!

Upload Your Own Sounds

Yes, you can now upload and configure your own sounds! This will work just like uploading your own colors where you’ll be able to name your sounds, set their volumes, and set them as your presets to be used throughout Duelbox! If you update your preset sounds, it will replace that sound everywhere, including in Games and Activities that use it. We hope this will make your Duelbox show an even more personalized experience.

Next Level Audio

Speaking of sounds, audio options have been upgraded throughout Duelbox. Volume can now be adjusted or even muted independently for the Big Screen, the Participant’s Screen, and the Dashboard itself. This gives you the power to make sure you only hear the Games and Activities when and where you want. Taking this a step further, you can now even adjust the volume of each individual sound! This way if you want a loud GONG to start your event but a quiet solution sound, you can make it happen.

That’s All For Now

Those are the biggest updates from March. More changes are coming and we look forward to sharing them with you next month. Game on!

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