Updates | August 2019

We bring you 3 major updates for August. First, we have released the Free version of Duelbox. You can use Duelbox for free! This includes one paid activity with the default Duelbox design. Along with the free version we have made some of our advanced features available publicly. Lastly, we have released the Runner activity publicly, which was one of the most popular activities for our internal use. We think you’d love it too!

Let’s highlight the most important things you need to know.

Free Version

Duelbox Free offers the genuine Duelbox experience for your events for free. You can use a single activity at your events for free to boost your show. Every new show that you create will start as Free. Give it a try!

The Free version has some limitations though. The Advanced Features of Duelbox won’t be available, including custom styling, the Event Router, and some settings for the Activities. In a free show you can use only one activity besides the Leaderboard and the Counter. You can turn a Free show into Premium anytime.

Compare the Plans on the Pricing Page ➜

Advanced Features

We met some of the fancy requirements of Game Shows, and we have created professional solutions to handle them. Originally these Advanced Features were available for internal use only, however, we have released some of them publicly. These are all available now for Premium Shows.

  • Scoring: Our Advanced Scoring System has a vast feature set to make your scoring easy-to-use, flexible, and most importantly reliable.
  • Event Router: Last month we released the Event Router, where you can make advanced game-logic by creating connections between the activities.
  • Styling: Create a unique look-and-feel by uploading your logos, background images and by customizing the colors of Duelbox.
  • MIDI Integration: Released now, Duelbox has a full-fledged MIDI integration that can be used on each of the Dashboards individually. Use this for sound and light console integration. The documentations are to arrive later, contact us if you need support for using it now.
  • Login Fields: We released the Custom Login Fields now. When the participants join your show, you can ask their personal data, e.g. their email addresses. Your sales team will love this feature!

Now these Advanced Features are all available for free in Premium shows. In the future, many of them will be available as addons.


The Runner is one of the most popular activities of all. It has various use-cases, ranging from smaller team-buildings to majestic finals of a Game Show, or even a customer-luring game on a Trade Show or Expo.

The mass-version, which can be used by hundreds of players at the same time, is on our roadmap, write us if you are interested!

Details and Examples on Runner ➜

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