Updates | May 2019

Hey Guys, we’ve got some fancy updates for ya! 2 new activities and some tweaks were released this month.

Draw Lots

First, there’s a new activity available: the Draw Lots. Sometimes we want to select the luckiest (or unluckiest) person out of a hundred or thousand participants. You can do so with the Draw, as it is a spectacular drawing utility. Just press a button to select the luckiest person of all.

The Draw activity draws from all of the participants by default. However, you can make it select from the players having the top score, or you can also upload a list of players / options to select from. So many ways to use it!

Let’s draw! ➜

Word Quiz

The Word Quiz, currently in Beta, is a variation of the Quiz. This activity has 2 question types, you can create Anagram question, e.g. “Who’s this famous actor: Old West Action?” ➜ “Clint Eastwood”, or you can ask Puzzle Board Questions, where only some of the characters are visible. The activity is available, but it’s still in Beta, as the controller interface needs some tweaks. Contact us if you want to try it!

Word Quiz ➜

Further Updates

There are some other updates we made, without being exhaustive:

  • Dashboard: fixed some texts to improve lucidity
  • Display and Sensor: Better clock sync with the Dashboard. This is important e.g. at the countdown of the Quiz
  • App page:  Login page UX updates
  • Leaderboard: The sensor loads the scores of the player faster
  • Scoring: Save a timestamp for every score item

Keep on rocking~~!

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