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Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

Virtual conference engagement ideas can help grab and keep your audience’s attention at your event. Read on to learn more.

Virtual conference engagement ideas don’t always come easy! Online events don’t always have the same energy that face-to-face interactions produce. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right ingredients, virtual conferences can be an extremely accessible and enjoyable way for people to connect, establish relationships, and grow professionally. 

In this article, we take a look at everything from how to break the ice, to how to make the event itself more interesting. 

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Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas: Icebreaker

In-person or remote, icebreakers are always a good way to kick off a conference. Not only do they establish good energy for the event, but they also pull everyone in immediately. There’s loads of ice breaker games you can play virtually, such as a simple Q&A or get to know you game, but often a more competitive game is the best at grabbing attention.

Race Game from Duelbox is a great example of an effective icebreaker. The game is lighthearted, and features speedy, kooky characters. It establishes a light, fun tone that will get everyone’s energy level up and locked into your event. It’s also quick, allowing you to pivot immediately into the meat of the event once it is complete and you have everyone’s attention.

Audience Participation

Polls and other forms of audience participation are a great way to give your attendees a voice. Not only will the participants feel like they are being heard, but they will also pay more attention throughout the conference because they know at some point they will be asked to provide input. Of these virtual conference engagement ideas, this one may be the most important.

Remote audience polling integrations are an easy way to accomplish this. You may find additional success with audience questions and answer segments. The more involved in the conference your audience is, the higher their level of engagement will be. 

Social Media

During the event, you can use check-ins, hashtags, photos, and other forms of participation to encourage people to use their own social media accounts throughout the conference. This connects your audience members with the show and also with the other attendees, taking the conversation beyond your virtual event platform.

This has the potential to build momentum for your conference next year. Many of your participants will have social media connections that could benefit from an event like the one you are throwing. But it will also improve engagement for the current conference. 

Why? It gives people a new way to interact with your event. The more ways you can get your audience’s attention, the deeper their engagement will ultimately be. 

Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas Conclusion

Virtual conferences are not always the most immersive experiences, at least in the way that in-person events can be. That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on keeping your audience engaged through games, back-and-forth interactions, and involving them in the bigger story. Duelbox specializes in virtual conference engagement ideas with our ever growing Game and Activity universe. Try out Duelbox for free to see what we can bring to your next virtual event.

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