Leaderboard for Women's history month trivia from Duelbox

Trivia Competition for Women’s History Month!

Happy Women’s History Month! Celebrate with Duelbox by entering our free Trivia competition and win a $25 gift card.

March is Women’s History Month and Duelbox is celebrating in the only way we know how: with games! We’re hosting an open Trivia competition for anyone to play for the entire month of March. All of the questions highlight women from history. Read on to see how to play.

Play Women’s History Month Trivia

There are two ways to join the Duelbox Women’s History Month Competition:

  1. Scan the below QR code with your phone’s camera. This will take you directly to the login page and will allow you to play on mobile!
  2. Simply click on this link. This will also take you directly to the login page to play!

QR code and graphic for Duelbox trivia

That’s it! Just provide a name and email and you’re ready to go! 💪

What’s at Stake?

At the end of the month, the winner will receive… a $25 gift card!

And if you haven’t tried Duelbox out for yourself yet, it’s a great way to get in there and see what Duelbox is all about as well.

Good luck!

We’ve already had some amazing contestants already, but there is still room for improvement speed-wise. The quicker you submit your correct answer, the more points it will be worth. So make sure to be quick with your fingers and you may take home the prize! 😉

Here is the leaderboard as of today.

Leaderboard for Duelbox Trivia

This is some tough competition! So make sure to prepare yourself before entering. But even if you don’t dethrone Allison, maybe you will at least learn some new women’s history month trivia!

Good luck!

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