Contest Games

A contest is an ideal form of entertainment at your events. With Duelbox you can make an awesome contest about a given theme or topic. The theme can be almost anything: general knowledge (arts, science, history) or thematic topics (Bible, movies, brand-related, etc.). And we have the tools for you to make it awesome!

For starters, a quiz game is definitely a good choice. We recommend the typical multiple choice questions or the guessing questions in our Quiz activity. For advanced contest creators, there is the Word Quiz activity with anagrams and puzzle boards.

Duelbox provides a professional built-in scoring system and an awesome – and free – Leaderboard activity that makes the announcement of the results spectacular. These tools and the Manual Score activity can help you manage the scoring of your offline activities as well.

You can use other games if you work with teams, or you can select a few of the best participants to compete in a second round. We also have a Jury activity with which jury-based games can be orchestrated efficiently and spectacularly. We’ve got all the tools for you to make an awesome contest at your event – with your topics, your branding, your preferences – enhanced by our professional tools.

But hey, we’ve got more. We’ve got everything for a full-fledged game show, just like those on television. We’ve got a topic-difficulty selector activity called Matrix, and a Buzzer, with which you can make top-notch game shows at your event. We’ve also got a cookbook for you as well. This cookbook contains the most important contest making know-how and a battle-tested format for a complex game show with 3 rounds, able to give you an epic finale and a single winner from hundreds of players.

Are you interested? Well, our Game Show Cookbook is ready! It will give you huge inspiration and help, and it will spare you hours of preparations in case you want to make you own game show! Download it for free below.