Pro Display

What is it?

Briefly: Visual Excellence without Compromises.

The Pro Display is a standalone native application providing awesome graphics on the Big Screen. Some of our Activities use this to provide true gaming feeling without compromises. Here you’ll see awesome effects, visuals, real 3D environments, physics and much more. 

Most of our Activities use the in-browser Display, not the Pro Display. The Pro Display is used only by a few Activities, see below.

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Download Now

Available for Windows and Mac. No installing required. Download & unzip & run. 

Activities using the Pro Display

And more to come soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Only some of our Activities use the Pro Display, see them above. For those Activities, you have to use the Pro Display. For the rest of the activities you have to use the default in-browser Display. 

See more on How It Works.

It’s really simple.

  • Download the compressed executable
  • Extract it anywhere
  • Run the executable
    • Type in the code of your show to connect
  • On the Dashboard, put the Activity on the Display

And that’s it. You’ll see the amazing visuals in the Pro Display application.

For one show you have to use one Pro Display. Some inconsistencies may occur if multiple Pro Displays are used in the same show. So if you see this message please close the extra Pro Displays. 

Are there 2 big screens? Consider using a Video Mixer or a Video Splitter to share the same video feed for both of the Big Screens.

We show a warning icon if an Activity needs Pro Display but there are no Pro Displays connected at the moment. 

You might ignore this warning while preparing your show, e.g. typing the Quiz questions. Just make sure that you’ll have the Pro Display ready and connected when the game starts. 

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