How Duelbox Works

Duelbox is a cloud-based web platform to create amazing contests. Duelbox provides you the tools and does the heavy lifting so you can create successful and amazing contests.

3 Easy Steps

#1 Dashboard​

Set up & control the contest in this command center

#2 Big Screen​

Fancy visuals on a TV, projector, or LED-wall

#3 Mobile Devices​

The participants join on their mobile devices

#1 Dashboard

The web-based Dashboard is the command center of your contest. Here you can prepare the contest beforehand, and you control everything from here during the show.

Numerous Activities

We created lots of games

Every event has different needs, therefore Duelbox offers you numerous activities to serve each one of them. We constantly expand the supply of activities.


Controlling the Dashboard is obvious and intuitive. Don’t be afraid to start using it today.


The real-life inspired Mixer enables you to switch between displayed activities in a split second.

Inspired by professional video mixers.


You can operate the web-based software from a browser. You only need a stable internet connection and a laptop for the operation.

#2 Big Screen

Impress your audience with the content projected through Duelbox on a big screen which can be an LED wall, a TV or a projector as well. Amusement is guaranteed.


Change your company’s logo, background, upload images and sound. It is like a custom developed app.

Show the results

You can ensure your audience that their interaction matters by displaying the immediate results of their answers.

Amazing Graphics

Duelbox has stunning visuals and animations. Keep the attention and the tension with the in-browser Big Screen. We even have games with a 3D Game Engine and amazing visuals. 

#3 Mobile Devices

The participants can play on their smart devices. This way everyone can participate in the games. There’s no app to download, only a browser and internet access is required.

Web-based and that’s it

You don’t have to download anything. Just open the displayed URL, log in and start playing

Gamificate your event

Every type of event can turn into a contest where participants compete on who’s more active. Duelbox has everything to make it happen.

Easy to log-in

Require only a nickname from your audience, and they’re ready-to-go. Or thinking of collecting information or leads? Ask for detailed personal data with only one click.


Your crowd instantly sees their scores and responses on their device. Every month means a new activity. With Duelbox, your audience never gets bored again.

We Have More for You


We have lots of activities: games, ice breakers, conference tools, etc.
Check out the ever-expanding list of our activities!


We created a toolbox for making awesome competitions. Check out our scoring, branding, user management features, and many others