Ice-breaking Games

Do you need an ice-breaker for your meeting or for a larger corporate event? Here you can find some ice-breaker ideas for your event that you can play with Duelbox.

The Know Your Company

Form small groups randomly from the attendees and let them compete in a quiz game on how well they know the company.

Collect fun and interesting facts about your company, create 10-20 questions from these and upload them to the Quiz activity. We recommend using short questions with 3-4 short answers. This way you can give about 15-20 seconds for each question and build a dynamic, exciting game flow. You can use the built-in scoring system of Duelbox so the teams can collect points for correct answers. To make the competition even more exciting, you can reward rapid answers with additional points. You may penalize the wrong answers with negative scores, but please don’t be too harsh on the players, they’re just getting warmed up.

Duelbox can also help you in forming the groups with the Draw Lots activity. Just upload the list of the attendees and start to draw the players for the first team one-by-one, then for the second team, etc. The size of a team depends on the actual number of the attendees; it may vary between 3 and 10 people.

After they’re put into teams they need one smart device per team to join the quiz and the game play can be started.

This activity may last 10-15 minutes including the preparations.

At the end of the game you can show the results on a fancy Leaderboard, so they’ll know how well they played. You also have the option to show the results at about half time so the players will know their actual results before they get to the finale of this quick quiz.

The Last Stand

This game also needs the Quiz activity, but the attendees play individually this time. This one is recommended for real fighters because if someone gets shot – I mean, fails a question –, the game is over. Only the best remains standing.

The Last Stand quiz will also work well with 10-20 quick questions.

Every attendee needs a smartphone to join the game. At the beginning all players have to stand up and if they’re ready, you can start the game.

Show the first question to the players and here comes the twist: if someone misses a question, he must sit down, he’s out of the game. So go on with the questions and let’s see who can stand the longest!

Creative Poll

If you don’t really want to build a contest at the beginning of your event you may create a Poll with questions on the topic of the day. Here you may use funny questions, but you may also use this activity as a survey to know the opinion of your audience on relevant questions.

You may also use the Versus activity which is basically a poll but strictly limited to only 2 possible answers. This will show the results of each poll, more like a battle of two opposing viewpoints or statements.

The Storyteller


Test the imagination of your attendees! Collect funny sentence starters and upload them to the Raffle activity. Everyone gets a sentence starter randomly and they have to complete the sentence within a given time.

So when you’re all set up, ask the first attendee to draw a starter and let them show how creative they are.

You can also prepare little emoji-tales in the Raffle: just prepare emoji-sentences of 3-5 emojis, draw them to the attendees one-by-one and let them create a short story from the emojis.

The Stopwatch module can help you in the timing of the storytellers so you can give about 30 seconds for each player to build up a story.

The Expectations

Ask the attendees via the Q&A activity what they expect from today’s event. After they’ve checked in at the conference you can immediately refer them to the Q&A panel on their smart devices to send their expectations in a few words. At the beginning of the event, e.g. after the opening speech, you can select some of the received answers and show them on the projector on stage.