Interactive Games

At Duelbox we have a variety of imaginative, interactive games, but one thing is consistent across the board: customization. All of our games can be completely overhauled and reskinned to look any way you’d like. But it’s not just the looks. You have the ability to personalize the content as well. With this level of control over your interactive games, you can make sure your audience takes your message home after the fun is over.

Live Trivia

A classic team building game and crowd pleaser, Live Trivia is a must have when it comes to interactive games! And what better way to step up your Trivia than by customizing the questions and interface! Duelbox gives you the power to make Trivia even more entertaining and engaging by personalizing it to your audience and their interests. Not to mention, with our professional interface and gameplay options, your audience will know that your game is the real deal.

Spin Wheel​

This is not your average, clunky spin wheel. Host your interactive game on a big screen or let players spin the wheel right on their own device! And unlike physical spin wheels, customization is just a few clicks away. Create your own unforgettable prize wheel by adding your own branding for a unique feel. Use brand colors and logos, add as many slices as you’d like, and decide the rules!

Race Game​

Races are the epitome of competition. The speed and adrenaline captivates not only the challengers but also the audience. With Race Game, we don’t stray far from this proven concept. Although no sneakers are required, many players still break a sweat as they will their racers to go faster! And with kooky characters and spectacular settings, this interactive game grabs the attention at any event.

Scavenger Hunt​

The perfect combination of speed, wits, and teamwork, scavenger hunts have long been a fully immersive challenge. There’s nothing like cracking a clue and immediately running to the next one! And with Duelbox’s take on this interactive game, the challenge is cranked up to another level! With secret codes and integration with Trivia, the intensity is increased as players attempt to navigate each question before they can advance.

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