Live Trivia

Everyone has a Quizmaster inside – we can help you coax them out with a beautifully designed, professional live trivia framework.

Trivia and quiz games have been around forever. But when you’re watching Jeopardy there is one thing missing: personalization. Duelbox gives you the power to make Trivia even more entertaining and engaging by customizing it to your audience and their interests. Additionally, with our professional interface and gameplay options, your audience will know that your game is the real deal.

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Big or

Measure the knowledge of your audience members with individual play or break down everyone into teams on their quest for the quiz crown. Gather groups anywhere from under 10 up to tens of thousands!

Your Brand
Will Shine

Incorporate your personal logo and assets for branding from start to finish. Change the color schemes, images, and feel so that it’s clear the game is about your company and not ours.

& Personalized

Tailor your Trivia to best educate your audience. Customize questions and answers, perfect your scoring options, and adjust gameplay rules to best fit your players. Make it your own!

Professional Game Show Feel

With buzzers, confetti, leader boards, and 8 different question types, you can provide the authentic game show experience to grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged.

Features of Live Trivia

Duelbox provides you with the power to make your game exactly what you want.

Flexible Scoring

Adjust scoring settings to add different weight to certain questions.

Real-time Experience

Keep everyone engaged with stunning animated charts showing real-time results.

Music & Sounds

Add emphasis and dramatic effect to your Trivia with in-game music and sound effects.

Your Brand Will Shine

Make it your own by changing color schemes and adding images for backgrounds and logos.

Change the Rules

Customize your gameplay rules to best fit your audience and goals for the event.

Import & Export

Upload scores, names, and questions to get your game started and export data after the final buzzer.

Not Your Average Quiz

Duelbox’s Trivia is not just your typical pub quiz with fancier bells and whistles. It can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs.

Unforgettable Introductions

Have a new team member that you want to make an impression on the rest of your staff? Introduce them with a get-to-know-you icebreaker quiz.

New employee training trivia icon

Test Key Learnings

Want to test the effectiveness of a presentation? Hold a Trivia afterwards to see what your audience has learned and retained from the session.

Unmatched Possibilities

You can go beyond the average office party or team building session; it’s up to you how you use Duelbox Trivia.

Question Types for Any Situation

Go beyond a basic quiz. Duelbox enables you to spice up your Trivia with a variety of question templates.

Multiple Choice

Flexible framework for multiple choice questions with 2-6 possible answers, including the option for partial credit or multiple correct answers.

Guess the Number

Guess the number quizzes that distribute points based on how close each participant’s guess is to the answer


Reorder style questions that challenge your contestants to put 3-10 items in the correct order. Think movie collections, historical events, etc.


Anagram questions where participants must unscramble letters to find the answer in the form of a single word or phrase.

Fill In the Blank

Fill in the blank puzzles where participants must guess the missing letters. Your crossword fans will excel at this one.

Free Text

Open questions which cannot be answered by participants. These are used as placeholders or as big screen only questions.

How Does It Work?

Creating your Trivia game is easy. Challenge yourself with the questions, not the set up!

Register for Free

Register a Free Account and create your show.

Customize the Experience

Next, add the Trivia activity to your show. There you can create all of the questions and answers, tailor it to your needs, and run the event by advancing questions and moderating.

Invite Players

Players can join your show on their device by scanning a QR code or typing a URL into their browser. Once there, they will see a waiting screen until you start the game. No accounts or app downloads are needed for the players, making the entire experience seamless and headache-free.

Play Live Trivia Anywhere​

This versatile game can be used to learn anything from history, to industry trends, to your friend’s pet names - all while having a fun, friendly competition. Take it with you to all of your communities.

At the Office

Trivia thrives at the office. It’s an engaging tool for icebreakers, training, team building, get togethers, and industry events. It’s attention-grabbing and fun to play!

In the Classroom

This quiz game is a teacher’s best friend. Questions can be tailored to the curriculum and used to gamify learning with students! It can also be used as a lively reward at the end of a unit!

With Friends and Family

Whether in-person or online, Trivia is a great way to bring friends and families together. Build teams or compete individually to see who knows the most about any topic you like!

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