Scavenger Hunt

This classic has been remixed! Up your game with our take on this crowd pleaser.

The perfect combination of speed, wits, and teamwork, scavenger hunts have long been a fully immersive challenge. There’s nothing like cracking a clue and immediately running to the next one! And with Duelbox’s take on this classic game, the challenge is cranked up to another level! With secret codes and Trivia integration, the intensity is even higher as players attempt to navigate each question before they can advance.

Explore Your Space

A Scavenger Hunt guarantees two things: your audience will be engaged and they will explore the area. For anywhere you want to entice your audience to stay, this is an ideal game.

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Trivia Integration

Elevate your game by adding another layer to the challenge. Integrate Duelbox Trivia so that after players find a secret code they must answer a question before they can move on to the next one.

Customize Everything

Help players remember your company by adding your logos, brand colors, and personalized Trivia questions. Also, you can decide the gameplay rules to best fit you and your audience’s needs.

Features of Scavenger Hunt​

Duelbox provides you with the power to make your game exactly what you want.

Path or No Path

Allow players to find secret codes in any order or dictate a specific route.

Add Other Games

Ask players to answer Trivia questions along the way and spin the Spin Wheel at the end!

Decide the Rules

Determine the number of secret codes, what questions to ask, and how many they must get right.


Make it your own by changing color schemes and adding images for backgrounds and logos.

Live Stats

Monitor how many players have started, finished, and completed the hunt successfully.

In-Person or Virtual

Hide secret codes around your physical space or somewhere online!

Hunting for inspiration?

This classic game can be successfully incorporated into a multitude of events and situations.

Supermarket Seeker

Ask shoppers to input aisle numbers of different store items as the secret codes! Your shopper will get to know your store and could redeem a prize at the end of their quest.

Excite at the Convention

Add an element of excitement and increase foot traffic! Have players visit different booths to find the secret codes and ask Trivia questions related to your event!

Energize the Mall

Create a game that brings people to the mall and makes them want to stay! Entice players to visit stores and explore as they hunt down secret codes!

How Does It Work?

Creating your Trivia game is easy. Challenge yourself with the questions, not the set up!

Register for Free

Register a Free Account and create your show.

Customize the Experience

Next, add the Scavenger Hunt activity to your show. There you can personalize your gameplay settings, perfect the look and feel by adding your own personal branding to the game, and manage the game!

Invite Players

Players can join your show on their device by scanning a QR code or typing a URL into their browser. Once there, they will see a waiting screen until you start the game. No accounts or app downloads are needed for the players, making the entire experience seamless and headache-free.

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