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Spin Wheel Game in the Office

The spin wheel game is common at trade shows. But if you’re only using it for your trade show booth, you’re missing out.

The spin wheel game has been a long standing component of trade shows. Even before digital spin wheels were introduced, old fashioned physical wheels of luck were a common sight. But if you’re only using these for your trade show booth, you’re missing out.

Prize wheels are an easy way to add incentives and fun to your workplace. In this article, we take a look at what they are and how to make them work well for your next office function.

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It’s a fact that incentive programs have a proven effect of maximizing employee efforts. When it comes to achieving any milestone, the promise of a reward is one of the simplest, most effective ways to get people motivated to bring their A-game. Even if it’s just a silly one. But first let’s define it.

Defining the Spin Wheel Game

So first, what exactly do we mean by a spin wheel game? It can go by many names: prize wheel, wheel of fortune, roulette wheel, etc. But as the name suggests, it’s a large spinning wheel divided into segments. Each segment features the name of a prize. 

Employees spin the wheel for prizes and the wedges pass across an arrow. When the wheel stops, the player receives whatever prize lands on the arrow. 

Why it Works

Unlike a sales contest, a spin wheel game is not meant to measure a specific achievement. Rather, it is there to get your employees deeper into the moment. Whether it’s an office party, a conference, or a team-building exercise, it’s there to break the ice and reward people for their work. 

It also demonstrates a degree of appreciation. People often feel undervalued by their employers, which reduces office effort and creates a negative company culture. Adding in a fun game a small step in the right direction to improve workplace dynamics.

A spin wheel game can also be very quick if needed. Most workers feel that they have more than they can handle on their plates as it is. Adding time consuming things that take away from their day’s productivity won’t always be a popular decision. A spin wheel game is a great compromise when scheduling an entire team building day is not in the cards.

Spin Wheel Game Benefits

One of the best things about the prize wheel is that it doesn’t have to be costly or difficult. A spin wheel game is fun in and of itself. Even if you have silly, small prizes, people will enjoy just having a chance to play and maybe win something they can take away from it. 

If you want to get a little more elaborate, you can mix in a couple larger prizes in. A gift card to a fancy restaurant, a nice thermos, or a french press are examples of exciting prizes with broad appeal.

Customizing the names on the slices of your wheel with the giveaways you have on hand is a great way to make it seem higher stakes. We also recommend adding your own personal branding and messaging to the wheel so that it feels like a natural fit in the office.


So, next time you want to inject some fun and boost the energy at your office, don’t forget about a spin wheel game! They have many benefits beyond the typical trade show use case that can be applied to your office. Make a custom wheel for your workplace and enjoy providing people with a fun, simple game!

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