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Ideal for Small Groups
$ 49 per host per single event*
10-days Access
  • Up to 50 Participants
  • 1 Activity per Show
  • Simple Branding
  • Unlimited Game Play
  • Games & Activities Bank
  • No Teams


More Games. More Teams. More Fun.
$ 79 per host per single event*
10-days Access
  • Up to 200 Participants
  • 3 Activities per Show
  • Advanced Branding
  • Unlimited Game Play
  • Games & Activites Bank
  • Play Individual or Teams


Get All the Super Powers
$ 99 per host per single event*
10-days Access
  • Up to 500 Participants
  • 5 Activities per Show
  • Advanced Branding
  • Unlimited Game Play
  • Games & Activities Bank
  • Play Individual or Teams

*Prices exclude VAT

Compare All the Features

Activities per Show135
Maximum Participants per Event50200500
Live Shows Per Month5815
Additional Facilitators included-12
Ever-Growing Game Universe
Custom Logo
Pre-made Spin Wheel Themes
Premium pre-made Spin Wheel Themes
Custom Background
Custom Colors
Customizable Login Data
Score Details & History

Questions? We've got answers.

Activities are the building blocks of Duelbox. Some are games like Live Trivia or Scavenger Hunt. Others are more like features you can plug into an event like taking a poll or simply showing the leaderboard. These Activities have different goals and capabilities, all designed to make your event more interactive, memorable, and fun. Different Activities can be used jointly to give you even more possibilities. Activities can also be used countless times during your Show.

A Show is your collection of Activites, all arranged and configured the way you like them. One Show usually represents one real-world event. You can have as many Activities in a Show as you like.

Anyone can create a Show and arrange Activities within it for free. This is great for testing out the system. After you purchase your plan, that’s when you can go live and have participants join the fun. You’ll also be able to tailor your Show with your own branding and images so that it’s personalized for your audience.

We’re happy to offer discounted pricing to, nonprofits, and NGOs. Please contact us for more info.

You can purchase your plan with most major credit and debit cards.

A VAT (value added tax) of 27% will be charged to some customers and is not included in the price of our plans. Companies situated in the EU with a valid EU VAT-number (“reverse charge”) are exempt. The exception does not apply to Hungarian companies. Companies in the US are also exempt if purchasing from a business account. Individuals in the US are not exempt.

Of course! After signing up you can try all of the games for free. If you decide to use Duelbox at your event, you can purchase a plan to go live.

Any device that joins your show is considered a participant.  Duelbox recognizes your device and saves your stats and scores, even if you log out and log back in. And to make sure there are no uninvited guests at your party, you can set a password to join your show.

We know how important the security and privacy of your data is. That’s why we host our servers in secure SSAE 16 / SOC1 certified data centers. We also use a payment system that is compliant with Level 1 PCI standard. Additionally, we regularly back up your data to prevent data loss.

We are passionate about the web and building a product to empower our customers to take the reigns when it comes to hosting events. In other words, we provide the music and turn tables, you provide the DJ.