Attendes play Duelbox Race Game at a conference on stage

Conference and Seminar Solutions

Check the Pulse of Your Audience

Understanding where your audience stands on the issue at hand is a huge advantage for any speaker. Give your audience a chance to share their opinions with a live poll. Integrating live polling into your event transforms it from talking at your audience into talking with your audience. For a question with lots of different potential answers, hold a Duelbox Poll. It allows your audience to answer your questions in real time. So when you ask “What industry do you work in?” you’ll get instant feedback with a live pie chart showing your audience breakdown.

For binary questions, use Versus. It pits both answers against each other and shows which side your audience is on, in real time. These can be questions like “Are you an early bird or a night owl?” or “Are you attending remotely or in-person?”. Versus gamifies polls so that they are more exciting with the elements of a battle.

Duelbox versus poll

Kick Start With a High Octane Ice Breaker

Grab your audience’s attention from the get go by beginning your event with an ice breaker game to involve everyone. With Race Game, you can invite your entire audience to join in for a large scale race! Getting everyone to join and participate right off the bat will lock in your audience and get everyone focused for what comes next in your presentation. It also boosts the energy in the room, helping to make sure no one dozes off or gets bored before you have a chance to make your point.

Players participate on their own device by quicking tapping between two buttons as fast as they can. Meanwhile, everyone can view the race in real-time on a shared meeting screen. This game is lively and excites everyone in seconds. Plus, all of the elements of this game, including the racing characters themselves, can be fully customized to your audience.

Encourage Session Attendance

It’s hard to guarantee that every speaker and session will get the audience it deserves. Using games can incentivize this attendance. Entice attendees with a chance using the Spin Wheel at the end of a session. Everyone can spin the wheel on their individual phone and you can customize the wheel with certain prizes, discounts, or other perks.

Additionally you can include particular sessions as part of a larger Scavenger Hunt. The speaker can tell their audience the secret code needed to unlock a Scavenger Hunt station. Alternatively, during or after a presentation the speaker can show a large QR code on stage and the audience can scan it as another means to unlock a station. 

Duelbox spin wheel spinning
Screen recording of Live Trivia from Duelbox

Gamify Active Listening and Engagement

Gathering an audience for your event and speakers is one thing, but having them be engaged and intently listening is another. Incorporating Live Trivia into a presentation is a great way to both mix up the presentation with some audience interaction and also encourage active listening among your audience. During your presentation you can ask your audience a related question to gauge knowledge on the topic. Before you detail the three pillars of persuasion and why they are important for sales, first quiz your audience to see if they can identify them. This will engage everyone into the discussion and it will also give you an idea of how basic or advanced your presentation needs to be depending on their knowledge.

And at the end of your presentation you can have a few questions about the topic at hand. This gives everyone a chance to reflect on the presentation, which helps retention. Also if you give your audience a warning that you’ll be quizzing them at the end, it will incentivise listening. Even if the stakes are low, knowing trivia is coming at the end offers some fun encouragement to pay attention.