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Trade Show Solutions

Increase Your Giveaways​​

Giveaways help people identify your brand and remind them of your business when they’re ready to make a purchase. However, often at trade shows the little prizes sitting out on the table get completely ignored. If you’re bringing some swag to a trade show, you want to make sure you find enough people to hand it all out to! That’s where Duelbox comes in.

The best way to help move those branded giveaways is to assign some value to them. Host a Spin Wheel game at your booth and customize your wheel to represent your different giveaways! Through gamification, this transforms your average water bottle or tote bag into an exciting reward! This slight change will bring more attention to your promo items and make visitors more likely to hold onto them long after the show ends.

Save Space

Space is always a huge issue at trade shows and it’s important to optimize your dedicated area. However, this challenge is often at odds with making your booth stand out among the crowd. The answer to fulfill both of these needs is digital trade show games. At Duelbox, we have a library of fun games for trade show booths that all live on screens.

Instead of a bulky prize wheel, use our digital Spin Wheel to entice visitors! And don’t bother with physical dart boards or arcade games when attendees can play Race Game on their own device and compete with one another in real-time! Leave physical trade show games in the past. Save your space and crank up the fun with Duelbox’s digital game universe.

Educate About Your Company

One of the most important results from a trade show is to spread the message of your company and educate attendees about your solutions. Awareness is step one to making any sale, afterall. Luckily, people love to learn, especially when learning is made fun! Host Live Trivia at your booth to test the knowledge of your visitors and teach them about your company along the way.

With Trivia you can create your own questions and answers about your industry and the problem your company is solving within it. This way when visitors come to your booth you can offer them a fun way to test their knowledge and learn a little bit about what you do! Trivia is compatible for individual visitors (as Solo Trivia) or group visits. Plus, everyone can compare their results with those who tried before them to see how they stack up. This is a great way to spread knowledge and goodwill about your company.

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Duelbox Spin Wheel graphic

Generate Leads

Trade shows are great places to network and meet new potential customers. But step one is having someone actually stop by your booth. Duelbox can help your booth stand out and lure potential customers with Spin Wheel! Spin Wheel is eye-catching fun that gives you the opportunity to generate leads.

When a potential lead approaches your booth to play Spin Wheel, they will access the game by scanning a QR code or typing a URL into the browser on their device. Once there, you can require contact information from them on screen before they can access the game. This is a great way to build lists with names, emails and phone numbers of new contacts. After the show, you can then work to build relationships with your new contacts by reaching out to the contact information they provided. 

Increase Foot Traffic

At a trade show the most important thing is not the number of attendees, but how much time they spend there and how many booths they visit. What better way to get people exploring the trade show than to organize a Scavenger Hunt? This will entice attendees to closely investigate the entire show, including areas and booths they otherwise may not have visited!

By creating a Scavenger Hunt you can gamify your trade show. Attendees will have to search all over for QR codes to advance through the hunt. QR codes can be hidden within a poster on the wall, waiting for players at certain booths, in the hands of event personnel, or anywhere else you can imagine. After scanning the QR code, you can even require players to answer a custom Trivia question related to your trade show to advance. Reward successful hunters with a swag bag or a discount on next year’s show! This will incentivize participants to better get to know the vendors at your show and have fun along the way.

Duelbox Scavenger Hunt screen recordingin action