Runner for Expos with Branding

So you are familiar with our suit-compatible track running game. (If not, check the free template first!) This template presents you the same awesomeness for your booth but with advanced branding. What does it mean? First, you can upload your logo that will appear on the Big Screen (big TV) and on the tablets. Second, you […]

Runner for Expos

Playing sports games would be difficult at most of the expos and trade shows, wouldn’t it? But not this one! Here we got an awesome game that will make your booth memorable and compelling. And can’t say it’s too easy! The players have to run with all their might – or at least all the […]

Treasure Hunt for Trade Show

We live in an era of gamifications. Why not gamify your expo then? Here we got a cool treasure hunt game for you, aimed to engage and activate the participants. Their engagement will benefit all: they will gain more experience and the booths will perform better as well.  The participants can log in on their […]

Booth Booster for Trade Show

There are dozens of similar booths at a trade show or an expo. You might welcome a nice booster that makes your one really stand out. And what’s a better way to acquire their attention than having a cool game? (Handing out chocolate, maybe, but we can’t help with that.) A quiz game is not […]